Here's a list of great sites that examine all aspects of Batman, not just the Bronze Age. Hope you enjoy them!

Batman Through The Ages

It started as an April Fool's hoax, but this site -- created by the webmaster at Superman Through The Ages -- was brought on line for real (and we hope, for keeps!) by popular demand. Comics, a message board and historical tid-bits about the Caped Crusader's long and storied career!


The Bat Pages

Scott Sebring's terrifically entertaining tribute to the 1966 TV series and its fans. The Flash intro alone is worth the trip, but when you add in the recreation of those old GAF Viewmaster reels, videos of Adam West and Burt Ward's screen tests and many other goodies, this is one of the coolest bat-sites ever!


The Golden Age Batman Site

The Bronze Age wasn't the only great period in Batman's history, of course. Here at Bill Jourdain's site you'll find info on Batman's earliest tales, his rogue's gallery and memorabilia. Plus a huge cover gallery and an index to help you track down affordable reprints of all those great stories!


Corgi Batmobile History

A staggeringly comprehensive history of one of the all-time great Batman collectibles, the Corgi Batmobile. Well into the 70s, this pocket-size facsimile of the legendary TV bat-car was a cherished toy for bat-fans everywhere.




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